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The Creation of Luminous Silhouettes


Luminous Silhouettes has simple beginnings. I desired to buy a beautiful headboard and I shopped and shopped and saw nothing out there unique enough for my space. So an image began to form in my mind of silhouettes made in wood. Then I got the idea to illuminate it. So I hand sketched my first silhouetted and then transformed it into a large wooden silhouette, hand cut it out and built out the framing. (See illuminated headboard here)


Once the headboard was completed (and I got rave reviews from family and friends), I realized the concept could transform to any theme imaginable. So I used my passions in life as a guide to begin building out additional silhouettes, all along perfecting my concepts and woodworking skills. My wall art silhouettes have gone over so well that I now have added illuminated rustic furniture to my line of silhouettes. I also love designing and building out door furniture, pergola's, benches and fences with gates. 


So now I’m excited to bring my designs to you, share your passion for your personal theme, and build you the distinctive, beautifully illuminated silhouette you never imagined you could have.


About the Artist


I love my work and enjoy each new project as I get it. I am driven by a desire to create excellent and beautiful silhouettes and other woodworks..


I revel in the creative process. Building from the foundations of art, math, and logic I create elegant and inspiring silhouettes. I love exploring uncharted waters in woodworking and I’m always searching for new and innovative ways to design fresh, new art pieces.

Eric Romeis
1st place ribbon at la jolla art and wine festival 2019
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